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45kg gas bottle

LPG is delivered to thousands of Aussie homes and businesses right across our great southern land, providing a convenient fuel for cooking, heating and hot water heating. More than 1, bill-paying adults from across Australia have given us their feedback, with suppliers rated on factors including their customer service, delivery service and value for money. The four LPG suppliers in our review have been rated in the following order for overall satisfaction:.

Kleenheat proved a clear winner — not just for overall satisfaction, but also when it comes to value for money. It was four stars overall for Supagas and Elgas, with Origin scoring three stars. Read on as we explore what these four LPG suppliers can offer, but first, here are some of the basics on LPG for those not in the know.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG is a combination of flammable hydrocarbon gases — primarily butane and propane. This gas becomes liquefied when it is pressurised, allowing it to be conveniently transported in tanks or large cylinders, like the one pictured courtesy of Origin Energy. LPG is commonly used by households and businesses for heating, cooking and hot water.

It is also used as a fuel for barbecues and even vehicles.

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Customers with LPG will need to regularly organise a natural gas refill or cylinder replacement when their LPG levels run low. Most households will have two tanks so that you can replace the empty tank without losing your gas supply altogether.

LPG is available in most areas across Australia. While many LPG suppliers will only operate locally, a couple of the larger companies — namely Origin and Elgas — deliver LPG to most parts of the country. But keep in mind that the further your supplier needs to travel, the more you will pay for LPG delivery.

LPG and natural gas are used for similar purposes, but there are some key differences. LPG is delivered in canisters or tanks and customers must order a refill or replacement tank every now and again. Natural gas services are similar to electricity, whereby customers have on-demand access to the gas they need and simply pay for whatever is used at the end of the billing period.

Not all Aussie households have a mains gas connection, however. Another point is that natural gas is comprised mostly of methane, while LPG is predominately butane and propane, which burns hotter and cleaner than natural gas.

This means LPG is the gas of choice for lots of restaurants, cafes and other businesses. This charge applies regardless of whether you actually use any gas or not. For this reason, natural gas is recommended for customers with high gas usage, such that their usage rate savings negate the additional supply charges.

Households with moderate or low gas usage would possibly be better off with LPG, even if a mains gas connection is available. This all, of course, depends on a variety of variables, including the price of LPG at the time and what natural gas deals are available in your area.

Any more, and natural gas is likely to be cheapest. Any less, and LPG will probably be the cheapest option. But treat this as a general rule only.

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The price you pay for LPG will likely fluctuate from time to time, depending on the global market supply and exchange rates just like with electricity and natural gas. The international gas price benchmarks often change each month, requiring LPG distributors to revaluate their gas prices on a regular basis. The price you pay will also depend on your location and distance the supplier must travel to deliver LPG to your home if you have it delivered. However, some of the larger providers, such as Elgas, may send out an LPG truck to top up your gas supply periodically, thus eliminating the need for you to repeatedly contact your gas company.

You should not tamper with the safety valve or other cylinder fittings, and you should leave any modifications or maintenance work to qualified gasfitters. Also, check for a gas appliance certification label on any gas appliances to ensure it is approved for LPG use.Compare bottled gas suppliers in New Zealand at Canstar Blue.

Unlike natural gas, which is delivered straight to your home through pipes, LPG gas is delivered in bottles that have to be replaced or refilled from time to time. But short of trying every LPG supplier, how do you find one that ticks all these boxes?

Canstar Blue regularly asks customers to rate their experience with different companies, across dozens of products. This year, we asked LPG customers what they consider is important in an LPG supplier and how they rate the company they currently use.

Of course, we understand the LPG gas market can be pretty confusing, so here we will walk you through everything you need to know about LPG gas to help you find a great deal with a reliable supplier. LPG gas and natural gas are often confused with one another.

As mentioned, LPG gas is delivered in bottles or tanks and customers must order a refill or replacement tank every now and again. Natural gas is delivered straight to your home or business via a large distribution network of pipelines. Charging for natural gas also works similarly to electricity, whereby paying customers have on-demand access to gas and they simply pay for what they use at the end of the billing period. However, the gas pipeline network only extends across the North Island, and even then, not all households have access.

In some areas, homeowners can organise a piped gas connection but this can be expensive and it could be more affordable to use LPG gas instead. Another point is that natural gas is comprised mostly of methane, while LPG gas is predominantly hotter and cleaner burning butane and propane. This means that LPG gas is the gas of choice for many restaurants, cafes and other businesses.

That said, the price you pay for LPG gas may vary between regions and will fluctuate from time to time, depending on the global market supply and exchange rates. The international gas price benchmark changes each month, requiring LPG distributors to re-evaluate their gas prices with each change.

45kg Gas Bottle Dimensions Nz

Delivery costs can also vary depending on your location and the distance the supplier must travel to deliver LPG gas to your home. As there are so many variables involved in the price of LPG gas, you will need to get a quote from a potential gas supplier in order to understand what it might cost you.

LPG gas suppliers like to reward good customers with generous discounts, making a big difference in reducing the cost of your bill. There are at least three types of discount you might come across:.

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Many New Zealand homes rely on LPG gas, meaning there are plenty of gas suppliers in the market to meet demand. While some providers operate in select areas, others serve customers nationwide. Some of the most notable LPG gas suppliers include:. Keep in mind that this may not be a comprehensive list of suppliers for your area. Here is a little more information about them. Contact Energy is an electricity, gas and broadband retailer that also offers LPG gas products.

Contact Energy says it has you covered with 30 supply depots nationwide, and delivers a Home Pack of two 45kg gas bottles, with a regulator, to switch the tanks when one is empty. Customers can also use the Contact Gas App, which allows customers to conveniently order a gas refill via a mobile app. Elgas provides LPG gas for homes, businesses and barbecue customers.

Alternatively, you can sign up for alerts to check your gas usage, and you can order a new bottle simply by texting Elgas.

LPG gas bottles

Elgas provides two 45kg LPG gas bottles linked to a changeover valve. In addition to its electricity and natural gas offers, Genesis also supplies LPG gas. Genesis is the only energy retailer where customers can earn Fly Buys points for paying their energy bill.LPG is a portable fuel perfect for storing in bottles and transporting to where it's required.

The size of the gas bottle you'll need depends on how the LPG is being used, the amount of gas required, and where the property and its cylinders are located. If you're looking for gas bottles, our LPG team is here to work out the best storage solution for you. Need LPG? Get a quote. These small and highly portable gas bottles are ideal for casual leisure use. BBQs, caravans, boats and patio heaters all run off these cylinders.

You can find them at places like petrol stations and camping stores. Find your nearest retailer. Designed for use in warmer climates where you may only have a single use for gas, like cooking. Their small size means low-use customers can have gas available in their home in a quantity that suits their needs.

Although occasionally used to provide gas when consumption is low, most 15kg aluminum or 18kg and 20kg steel cylinders power forklifts. The gas bottles are strapped to the forklift's back so they can be easily re-filled or replaced. More on forklifts. The most popular LPG cylinder in our range, you'll usually find these bottles in pairs. When you use up one cylinder, switch your supply to the other one and order a replacement bottle.

45kg gas bottle

We can also refill these bottles on site using a gas truck. Regular top ups direct to your LPG bottle using a hose from our gas truck take the hassle out of monitoring and ordering refills.

Two of the largest gas bottles we supply, these LPG cylinders live on site and are topped up regularly by one of our professional truck drivers. They're perfect for high-use customers wanting LPG delivered on a pre-arranged schedule. Our business account managers can organise a site visit and recommend the most appropriate storage for your needs. LPG for business.

Looking for technical specifications, like the dimensions, capacity in litres and tare weight of each gas bottle?

How to Fill a Gas Bottle - Elgas Decant Video

Download our gas bottle product guide. Want to learn more about gas bottle safety, testing, compliance and fill levels?Supagas LPG gas bottles come in a variety of sizes and types, depending on the uses in your home or business.

In order to find the best option for you, we have provided a very quick summary of our sizes and their best uses below:. For Business. About Us. Order Now. Your browser either doesn't support Javascript or has Javascript disabled. Some features of our site require Javascript to function correctly. To get the full experience, please enable Javscript in your browser. For Home. In order to find the best option for you, we have provided a very quick summary of our sizes and their best uses below: SupaSwap Cylinders - 3.

Our 3. Need gas for your BBQ? Our 8. Our 45kg LPG cylinder is a vapour withdrawal cylinder and is typically recommended for home gas use. Our kg LPG cylinders are for larger gas volumes.

These cylinders hold approximately litres of LPG and can be used for both domestic and commercial uses. Our Bulk Vessels are used for large volumes, typically for farms and regional area residences. LPG - 45kg. Order Now Enquire.

LPG - Bulk. LPG - Supaswap. Stay social with us Facebook Linkedin Instagram.This page provides a regional price comparison between suppliers of 45 kg liquefied petroleum gas LPG cylinders within NZ. For each region, I have charted yearly gas cost including bottle rental against the number of gas cylinders used. The lowest coloured line represents the cheapest supplier.

45kg gas bottle

The testing and certification must be undertaken by an authorized LPG testing facility. It is illegal to fill a gas bottle that is past its expiry date. But if the bottle still contains gas, you are allowed to use it past the expiry date. To check last inspection date of the gas cylinder, look for a date stamp on the neck, collar or foot of the gas cylinder.

After the 10 year period has elapsed, the cylinder will need to be re-certified against the current standard. If you are hiring gas bottles from your LPG provider, then you should be aware of the bottle expiry dates but your gas provider will manage these to ensure your cylinders remain in test.

All prices include GST and are after prompt payment discount if any. I am only human, if you think I have made an error or something looks out of whack, drop me a line. I have not thought to calculate the kWh equivalent of bottled LPG before. I think the gas vs electricity tradeoff depends ultimately upon the end use. Conversely, if you can utilise offpeak or night rate power for water heating you may be onto a winner.

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Depending upon your lines company and setup. I use gas for water heating, stove and one wall heater. The problem with reticulated town gas is the flat fees that are charged whether or not any gas is used. As it stands, the total charge worked out at Now compare this to the electricity portion of my bill for the same 29 days. That represents Effectively, half the cost of gas. Question: Would it be cheaper if I switched to bottled gas? The first thing I would do is get a couple of quotes from other providers to check your daily charge is fair, and not just expensive with Contact.

Assuming your daily charge is fair.Once your order is confirmed we will place your order with our delivery partner Genesis. Genesis is a diversified energy company and we have partnered with them to deliver bottled gas to our customers all across New Zealand. A Genesis delivery truck will arrive at your home and provided your bottles are accessible, they will deliver your gas bottles as per your request.

Your gas bottles will arrive on your next available scheduled delivery day from the date you place your order but we will always make an effort to get this out to you asap.

Please note if there are currently no 45kg LPG gas bottles connected at your service address, a gas fitter will be required to attend the site to connect your bottles after your delivery has taken place. If you currently have empty bottles connected, Energy Online will deliver and connect your replacement bottles however these will be left turned off. For your safety, please ensure all appliances which use gas are turned off prior to turning your new bottles on. Download our free mobile app now Download our free mobile app now.

Don't show me this message again. Home For Home. Natural Gas.

45kg gas bottle

LPG Bottled Gas. LPG bottled gas for your home So good we bottled it. Get cooking, heating and even bathing with gas. We make it easier than a very easy thing. Sign up in under 5 minutes. See how our plans compare:. Best Value. No upfront yearly rental fees. Get your electricity and LPG on the same bill.

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Check out our plans and prices here. Frequently Asked Questions How do I order gas for my home? You can order immediately during sign upotherwise, once signed up, you can order your gas bottles through our handy mobile App or register here for My Account, it takes just a few clicks. We also have this online form. How does delivery work? What if I'm not set-up for bottled gas yet?

Please note if there are currently no gas bottles set-up or connected at your service address, a gas fitter will be required to attend the site to connect your bottles after your delivery has taken place. What to do in a gas emergency?A gas bottle exchange system is a handy way of delivering LPG for homes and businesses alike. With this supply option, you'll be provided with one or more 45kg gas bottles.

When a bottle becomes empty you order a replacement. Your LPG delivery driver will then visit your property and swap your empty bottle for a full one. Ordering LPG is easy online or over the phone. If gas bottle exchange is a good fit for your needs, we'll install one or more 45kg cylinders on your property, ensuring all work meets Australian standards for safety and compliance.

If you already have a compliant gas bottle exchange system set up on your property, we'll simply swap any existing bottles for Origin ones when you need them. When a bottle runs out, place an order for a new gas bottle online or over the phone by calling 13 35 Your local Origin LPG terminal will then organise your gas bottle delivery on the next available delivery day. Check delivery in your area.

45kg Bottled LPG Price Comparison

If you've registered your mobile number with us for updates, we'll send texts to let you know when we're coming. The most common type of gas bottle exchange installation is two 45kg cylinders. The two gas bottles are connected by a change-over lever. When one bottle empties, you switch the lever over to the full one. This is a clever cue to order a replacement bottle. If there are other people at home or work that use the change-over lever, get them to tell you each time so you can order straight away.

Supagas LPG Gas Bottle Sizes

By ordering as soon as one gas bottle runs out, and taking advantage of the handy two-bottle set up, you'll always keep your gas supply constant. If you don't use a lot of LPG, you may only have one gas bottle on your property. You'll need to take care to order gas in a timely manner to ensure you don't go without.

We recommend single-bottle owners pay special attention to usage by marking the dates of your LPG orders on a calendar so you can estimate when your next order will fall due. You can also check how much gas is left in your bottle by using the hot water test.


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