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Lg b9 vs c9

It is also keenly priced and offers HDMI 2. So it has almost all the features of the C9 and E9 and gets very close in terms of performance. The problem for the B9 is the fact that the C9 can now be had for very similar money and our recommendation would be to go with the C9 if your budget can stretch a few hundred pounds more. Given the rest of the competition is also now very close in price and in some cases offers slightly better performance, it sadly does work against the B9 slightly.

But sadly, its own stablemates and the intense competition do make it a tougher sell than perhaps LG imagined when they developed the B9 as a lower-cost entry point. Read about our review ethos and the meaning of our review badges. Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. What's new Search Search. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. TV reviews. Home AV reviews. Hi-Fi reviews. Tech reviews. Gaming reviews.

Editor's Choice Awards. User reviews Search user reviews. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Review Specs Discussion Hop to What is the LG B9? What is the LG B9? This means it has slightly less processing power compared to the C9 and E9 but it also costs much less as a result, however, it does incorporate deep learning AI technology to improve performance.

So, can the entry-level OLED screen offer the same performance as its bigger brothers for less, or are you better saving up and going for the C9 instead? LG B9 Video Review. Design, Connections and Control The design of the B9 is simple, yet elegant. There is no complicated stand design like the E9 as everything is simplified and functional.

There is a 1mm metal strip around the screen which is super thin at the top, before getting thicker towards the bottom for the electronics and speakers. Measurements Out of the Box As we always do within our reviews, we measured the out of the box picture presets to find those that get as close as possible to the industry standards.So it is only logical that interested parties look around the South Koreans themselves.

However, some of them differ a little.

Сравнение OLED телевизоров LG 55B9 - LG 55C9

Here you can find out everything you need to know! Since the performance differs minimally in some cases, we generally recommend the following: If you are buying an OLED for the first time, the LG B9 is a good choice. Everyone benefits from great picture quality in games, movies and series. But those who are a bit more experienced and have higher demands on the picture can pay the surcharge for the C9. The built-in processor provides better performance in image processing and motion interpolation, which many beginners hardly notice.

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Updated on Despite word of ongoing production issuesand the effect of a global pandemic on distribution channels, it seems like LG is still releasing its new sets on schedule too. With there being so many different models to take in, though, we thought we'd lay out the whole lineup announced so far, in one admittedly quite long piece.

We've run through the technological improvements you can expect from LG TVs, what TV models are actually being introduced, and even the LG's sets that are still on sale today. The former uses a four-step upscaling algorithm while the latter uses a six-step process to reduce noise and enhance the picture.

lg b9 vs c9

OLED uses organic light-emitting diodes in each pixel to create virtually unlimited contrast a pure white pixel next to a totally black pixel next to it, for example but is limited by its peak brightness. However, it still bodes well for the gradually lowering prices of OLED TVs in general, and we'll be keeping an ear out for inch sizes for any of the other models in this year's range. What's notable, though, is we heard the BX will be releasing by April — despite last year's B9 model having taken until September to hit the market.

The short gap between models may mean the upgrade from the B9 is minimal, but it does mean those after a mid-price OLED don't need to wait around for LG's best crack at the category. It sits on a unibody stand or can be wall-mounted. Like years prior, it will still use an attached Dolby Atmos soundbar as a hub for inputs and outputs and need to be mounted. It also supports ATSC 3. This series will use the Alpha A7 Gen. The only downside to this model is that it uses edge-lit LEDs instead of a full array panel which will definitely take a toll on contrast, but again, you get what you pay for.

The LG Nano90 is one step up from the LG Nano85 and the big change is that it uses a full-array panel for better contrast and comes in a larger, inch screen size. Otherwise it has all the same specs and features as the LG Nano Going up one more step is the LG Nano Unfortunately they only have a native refresh rate of 60Hz and use a basic IPS panel. Unfortunately there's no Dolby Vision support at this level and the panel runs at a native 60Hz.

Both those specs change with the next step up, thankfully. The panel gets upgraded to Hz at this level and has some form of local dimming. It's not going to be as good as the Nano Cell TVs above it, but if your budget is very limited, these will probably offer the best bang for your buck.

What you see up above are all the new models for — that said, you'll still be able to find plenty of screens in stores for the next few months. Here are the TVs from last year with their sale prices in case any of them catch your eye. With 33 million pixels across 88 inches of screen, it'll certainly have to work hard to do it — and the a9 Gen 2 processor will surely come in handy.

The W8 came with a 60W 4.

Differences in the LG OLED Line Up: B9, C9, E9, & W9

LG OLED E9 available in 55, 65 inches : If last year is anything to go by, the new E Series model will feature the same specs at the W9, but with a glass body and tacked-on chassis instead of the W8's 'wallpaper' design. LG OLED C9 available in 55, 65, 75 inches : The newest C Series model is confirmed, and experience teaches us to expect a neat balance of performance and price, without ditching the company's latest processor to do it.

Last year's LG C8 came with a 2. It carries the same panel as its more premium siblings, though with an older a7 Gen 2 chip instead of the latest a9 Gen 2 — and cheaper build too. No Dolby Atmos soundbar, though.

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SM available in 49, 55, 65, 75 inches : One step below the previous model, with the same a7 Gen 2 processor, but Full Array Dimming rather than the upgraded 'Pro' technology seen on the SM — meaning less lighting control and less consistent brightness.We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands.

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It has excellent wide viewing angles, good SDR peak brightness, and handles reflections well. Motion looks crisp thanks to the nearly instantaneous response time, and the TV has a motion interpolation feature that can help minimize stutter in movies.

Gamers will enjoy a responsive gaming experience thanks to the very low input lag, but unfortunately, just like all OLED TVs, it has the possibility of developing permanent burn-in. This is an excellent TV for mixed use.

It has outstanding dark room performance thanks to its perfect blacks. It can also fit nicely in a bright room thanks to its good SDR peak brightness and excellent reflection handling. It delivers very crisp motion and the excellent gray uniformity and wide viewing angles make it an excellent choice for enjoying sports with a group of friends.

Gamers will appreciate the low input lag. It has perfect blacks and perfect black uniformity that delivers an amazing dark room performance. The gray uniformity is also excellent and the TV can display judder-free movies. Although its fast response time creates stutter, the TV has an optional motion interpolation feature that can help minimize it. It has good SDR peak brightness and can handle reflections well, so you can place it in a bright room without issue.

The image remains accurate for wide viewing angles so you can easily do some house chores as you don't have to sit straight in front to enjoy your favorite TV show. LG content store has an abundance of apps to help you find the right one for you.

This is an impressive TV for watching sports. The nearly instantaneous response time, the wide viewing angles and the excellent gray uniformity make it a great choice for sports fans.

You can place it easily in a fairly bright room without worrying about reflections thanks to its excellent anti-reflective coating. Just sit back and enjoy your favorite game. The response time is nearly instantaneous and the TV's input lag is extremely low. It has an Auto Low Latency Mode, so you don't have to remember to switch to 'Game' mode each time you want to play a game.

It displays perfect inky blacks thanks to its OLED technology. Unfortunately, the TV's automatic brightness limiter ABL causes the brightness to fluctuate with different content, which can become bothersome. It has a nearly instantaneous response time and a very low input lag which offers a very responsive gaming experience.

It has an excellent wide color gamut and decent peak brightness in HDR. Unfortunately, the brightness changes with different content, and this might bother some people.

It displays proper chroma in most resolutions so text looks clear. It has a very low input lag and an extremely fast response time that delivers fast-moving content with almost no blur.

lg b9 vs c9

Unfortunately, just like all OLED TVs it runs the risk of permanent burn-in and this can be an issue if you use it as a PC monitor for extended periods of time.

The design of the LG B9 is outstanding. This TV has a plastic stand, whereas the previous model has a metal one. The build quality is excellent, and you shouldn't have any issues with the TV. The B9's stand allows more wobble than last year's model.

Footprint of the 55" TV stand: The back of the B9 is plain. The upper part is made of metal, and the bottom is plastic and houses the electronics.

Some of the inputs are facing sideways and some are facing outwards, which can get in the way if you wall-mount the TV. Cable management is serviced with the aid of a little clip on the back, very similar to the B8.However, Sony has created an equal device with the A9G. The panel is the more or less the same, but the Sony processor provides better interpolation and image processing.

LG TV 2020 lineup: every LG OLED and NanoCell TV coming this year

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Compare for yourself! Here you can find out which TV is better and which one is best for your needs. Updated on December Selected from TVs.

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LG C9. Comparison winner. Check price. You like tv findr? Sony A9G. Get offer. These advantages are enhanced by HDMI 2. The panel comes from LG Display itself, so the picture characteristics are more or less the same.

However, the processor of the Sony AG9 is better than the C9 in terms of interpolation and image processing. In addition, the A9G offers sound from screen, which provides a fantastic sound experience. It's less suitable for gaming, though. See price. All prices.

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April at Please note that prices shown here may have changed in the meantime. All data without guarantee. We compared the following televisions:.You can already buy the LG C9 and E9. They will become even smarte and with HDMI 2.

lg b9 vs c9

Whereas the B series will only have the Alpha 7 Gen 2 chipset. Like last year the noticeable differences will probably be marginal though. These new chipsets improve a couple of automatic functions. In addition there will be an automatic sound calibration to optimize the sound stage to your seating position and room. Last but not least there also is an update for the webOS 4. The thing people were longing for the most probably is HDMI 2. Certain models will also include a VRR Variable Refresh Rate - synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the output refresh rate of the graphics card Variable Refresh Rate Variable Refresh Rate - synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the output refresh rate of the graphics card and all of them will come with the ALLM Auto Low Latency Modean automatic game mode feature.

HDMI 2. See all official specs for HDMI 2. This will hardly affect picture quality though. The 77 inch model is slightly different in design looks like C8 and will not have the cable management and VRR Variable Refresh Rate - synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the output refresh rate of the graphics card feature.

As in the E series will be quite similar to the C series. The difference between C9 and E9 will only be in sound quality and design. The height of the E9 also decreased by a little more than one inch. This way VRR Variable Refresh Rate - synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the output refresh rate of the graphics card for gaming without tearing is also possible with Nvidia graphics cards.

LG B9 4K OLED Review

This post is also available in: Deutsch. Du befindest dich gerade auf der englischen tvfindr Seite. You are currently on the German tvfindr page. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content.

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Search in posts. Search in pages. Best TVs. TV comparisons Compare yourself New. Show offer. See price.The two models are set to overlap for a good while though — in fact, the model is still available to buy in some territories.

The BM models also won't be rolling out for a few weeks yet, so those of you stuck at home and eager to upgrade your TV may be tempted to pull the trigger on a B9 model now. That price drop comes with a catch, though. This follows on from the previous year, when the B9 used an a7 Gen 2 processor instead of the C9's a9 Gen 2 chip. We reviewed the LG B9 OLED very favorably last year, with only small markdowns for the occasional video noise caused by the lower-spec processor, as well as middling upscaling performance.

But the sacrifices here seem worth it if you're mainly interested in getting an OLED TV that's more affordable than some of the options out there. The BX will include LG's new Face Enhancing processing technology, to better represent skin tones and help faces to stand out from backgrounds.

These sets are actually almost identical in terms of their specs. The BX and B9 both ship in inch and inch sizes, and the exact dimensions of each model size appear unchanged, excepting the odd 0.

The B9's Both sets feature 2. In our LG B9 OLED review, we found the B9 had the same weaknesses as the older B8, in terms of occasional video noise and processing that can't compete with higher-end sets. That's unlikely to change much with the BX, although we expect a nominal improvement in terms of the extent of these visual imperfections — not enough to warrant an upgrade from the LG B9, but certainly enough to make the BX worth considering for a new TV.

Keep in mind that the B9 should still be on sale in the coming months, at a notionally lower cost than the incoming BX. And for now, to get an OLED TV that actually is relatively affordable, by today's standards, the older B9 model may be the one to go for.

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